Arrivals issue!

Hey everyone , new player here. Recently unlocked Washington airport and unlocked a Terminal with 8 L/X stands. problem is that I never manage to fill all these stands with X planes. I also unlocked Dubai as destination but still I fill the X/L stands like 7 out of 9 or 8 out of 9. Any tips please ? Or what am I doing wrong ?

Thanks in advance!

Do you have enough X arrivals unlocked? Check out the destinations tab and use the filters to only show X arrivals. When starting a new airport, you’ll probably only have arrivals from playable airports such as Prague or Nagoya. Every destination you unlock after will have 1 arrival, and you unlock more by handling and earning keys. For example, if you unlocked X tier at Dubai you’ll have 1 Emirates A380, and you’ll have to handle that arrival 10 times (1 key per handling) to unlock another arrival for that destination.

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Thank you !! Misunderstood it and saw it some were cargo planes. Thank you very much!!!

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No problem. As a side note, I would recommend waiting a bit before unlocking cargo stands until your airport is generating solid income. They’re pretty expensive so that money can be better spent in the early game.

Also worth noting is that destinations will be replaced by contracts in the upcoming major update. All current destinations will be converted to contracts, which you can find out more on the development page: World of Airports - Feedback

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Yes currently i’m unlocking only XL civil stands. I make some solid income , but i want to make silver planes and only way i see is by connections sending and receiving planes to handle. I get hard time to find a connection in near airports (USA) and it’s like 10 hours flight in order to send a plane in one of my connections…

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Ah I see, connections are mostly outside my area of expertise (I play casually) but from what I’ve heard connections are kind of a pain outside the European airports. There’s threads on the forum to find connection partners for each airport, but yeah for US airports it’s probably gonna be a struggle.

I have a question on this topic.

Playing airport Washington.
Destination NGO has 2 X unlocked, 1 cargo and 1 civilian plane.
Destination AMS has 1 X unlocked, 1 L.
However ; I saw the KLM only once at my airport. But there are plenty of empty L stands available.
Any idea why it’s not coming as frequent as the AlItalia 777 to Bari ?

I also have 2 XL stands cargo. Saw a NGO Cargo XL once, but since then only the UPS Leipzig visits me.

After closing the game again and questioning it on this forum a lot of planes came in, Cargo XL (2) and even my lovely klm 787… weird