Arrivals of C17

I think that they should put the C17 and C130 as arrivals again, which are as an achievement and for example I cannot buy silver or gold planes for the purchase of this, I only need these 2 achievements of the game

They will be readded at some point in the future. They didn’t want any military aircraft because of the current war and the negative connotations with war.

The L-100 is the C-130 civilian variant and 114 delivered. Non-military uses also include Coast Guard units around the world.

C-17 is a little tougher to fake. This one was used by NASA (but, still retained US Air Force markings it seems): C-17 Globemaster III | NASA

We got info that military arrivals would be bringed back to game. Hopefully in next update.

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Brought* sorry pet peeve

Wen kümmert’s?

Oh, I did not know

What does that matter, I speak that they put the C17 back in WoA

Cool, thank you