Assign aircraft size to hold queues

I would like the ability to assign aircraft size (S,M,L,X) to a specific hold queue so that random aircraft sizes are not queued when all ramps have been assigned.

Problem: I have eight S ramps and one X. When all ramps are in-use, a new random plane is added to the hold queue and the random size happens to be X. This means that after servicing some S planes, I can’t land any new planes until the X is done being serviced (takes a long time) or the hold expires (also take a long time).

So if I were instead able to assign the hold queue to only queue up size S planes, then the next random plane would always be small.

This would also be helpful for some users who prefer to only service specific aircraft at their airports.

I believe it will never happen that all 4 of the hold queue will be filled with X. (You can buy upto 4 hold-queue places).

My experiense is that the game will not serve you a plane that you are not able to handle within a certain time. It sometimes happens that you get a plane served while all ramps for that type are full, but it usually means that that ramp will be free soon.

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I think you are correct, his scenario can only happen if all his slots are full and then a random new plane is put in his queue.

Also because of this line im thinking he has only one hold slot. @fenster24 as soon as you start operating two different aircraft sizes immediatelly buy another hold slot to avoid the scenario you described

I do have more than one hold slot. I was just trying to keep the explanation simple. I’ve certainly seen both empty hold slots get taken by an X in similar situations, completely locking me up for some time. I feel it is completely random and doesn’t take into account upcoming departures. But this is just my experience.