Assigning planes to gate even with a plane is on it

At Bari airport, when we click ‘takeoff’ and a plane is coming for landing, we can assign the plane even when the plane is on the gate. If there was this kind of thing for every airport we could handle planes even faster.(I have a lot of ideas in my head so I can create a topic every day :slightly_smiling_face:)


That would be nice but those are gates that doesn’t need pushback.

Maybe when the plane is nearing handling completion like at 75% it would allow you to land a plane for that gate.
However 2 things

  1. Maybe it should be a buyable feature, I can imagine just starting airports getting overwhelmed, handling actions needs a buffer to get bonus time. It can be called “Advanced ATC” maybe it can also auto issue land and take-off for gates you select. You can override the ATC & start & stop it too.

  2. I would like a expectation (or as a option) from My Player Fleet since I handle and hold them until next irl day for my player connections to receive when they play


What if taxi is quick though? The plane you allowed to land has to wait for that plane to leave and it could’ve been at another gate already.

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My IAD has a lot of planes coming to land so when I click ‘Takeoff’ and the plane starts pushing back at that time I can allow my planes to go to that stand where there is still a plane pushing back.

It would be nice as it makes it quicker but does it happen in real life? (Apart from slots) (Also I’m curious :wink: )

Just imagine you have Gate 301 & 302

  1. Plane at 302 is being handled and you allow a plane to land at 302.
  2. New 302 plane lands and taxis while the 302 plane still being handled
  3. You also allow 301 plane to land (gate 301 is empty)
  4. 301 lands and taxis
  5. The new 302 plane & 301 plane waits at a taxi way. 301 is behind 302… So 301 can’t taxi to stand even tho it’s empty
  6. 302 completes handling and pushes back and taxis out
  7. New 302 & 301 plane can now taxi to stand following each othet

As per your idea, the 301 plane wastes time by waiting at taxi behind new 302 plane. Even tho 301 stand is empty.

Putting a minimum of 40-80% (depending on Airport and plane size) Handled Completed then allow for a new plane for that stand. So by the time the plane is ready to push back, the new plane has landed and still taxing


Question is, why put a plane on another gate when there are so many others, especially this new update? (I get your point 100% though)

Edit: Nvm, it is hard for people starting…

Yea I love the new update with multi stands.

Also secondly, for this idea to work at the maximum you would need twice as many destination arrival unlocks. Plus if it’s a Player Connection Plane, a plane waiting means less handling time so no reward (unless you make a hole in your bank to fast handle) : (
And it’s already overwhelming thing for new (starting) airports

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Tbh, never thought about connections…

Well, I said when we click the takeoff button and the plane starts pushing back.

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