Assigning services directly from the truck icon

I recently discovered that the game allows you to direct the handling services to an aircraft without opening the aircraft card at the bottom of the screen.

Tap the truck icon on the top. Needed services are highlighted yellow. Press on the yellow service (e.g. luggage). Aircraft that they currently use luggage are highlighted red. Aircraft that need luggage are highlighted yellow. Just tap on the aircraft and the service starts.

I apologize if this has been covered in another topic (I couldn’t find it).

I hope that many players find this tip useful.

Happy gaming


I saw that mentioned on Facebook and thought “Didn’t anybody know this?”

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I have played this game from day 1 and have never seen a mention of this feature in all that time.

(All that time I also have never been on FB and never will be :slightly_smiling_face:)

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Don’t you have to have the aircraft highlights on for it to work?

I play since Feb. this year and noticed it by “accident”. In my first days in INN I wanted to max my fuel handling. It was yellow and I tapped ob the button. After this one of the planes also had this yellow glow and I tapped ob the plane.
That’s why I thought anybody would know.

No, it works without.

It’s great at IAD where there are so many planes and places to look. It is annoying sometimes that you have to jump in and out of it and would love a one click option to clear all the items of that type in one go.


Havent seen it work on my device

In this example it highlights aircraft that have arrived and ready to be serviced