AWA - All World Alliance | A new dimension in gameplay


Capitalizing on the new game mechanics of WOA version 2.0 and the promise of more to come, 8 experienced players decided to form the first WOA Alliance.

The All World Alliance (AWA) is founded by @boruberry, @JK737, @Marechkon33, @OldDog01, @pilster, @Player8888065037, @SaxonianAirlines and @ukplanespotter757, all players with (together) more than 25 years WOA experience and a track record of more than 25K connection planes exchanged.

In the last couple of years most of the player connections were between them and proved a solid and reliable way to play the game without constantly having to look for new connections so naturally this cooperation was continued.

With a presence on 3 continents the AWA members can “follow the sun” with their play and are assured of a constant arrival of planes.

AWA Orange Air Signature


Well then, there’s another alliance to note, can’t wait to see your plans

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For the moment just exchanging planes between airports.

AWA Orange Air Signature

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It’s a start


Is there a way we can join any of these alliances??

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I suggest that you create your own with connection partners you have a good experience with. Ask them to invite others and you have a firm base to start from.

Could you brief me on how yall started off??

  1. Create a mini forum here with the Direct Message option and invite potential members.
  2. Create a personal channel on Discord and make arrangements with your members.
  3. Start exchanging.
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Need to revise this to first WOA forum alliance.

I’ve been in an alliance for about a year plus :slight_smile:

You were operating in Incognito mode? :smile:

Yep and i understated the timing, was set up Dec 22nd 2020
But it was folks who are on FB not forum for the most part :slight_smile:

If you think about it the worldways alliance has always just been a thing that is a stand in in my news posts

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@carlsberg72 and @horsepowergeek ,

Recreate or revive them? It is great fun.

Mine literally only really existed in my news posts, not really much to recreate out of


If you wanna recreate I am willing to work with you.

Maybe we can start one on the forum itself.

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