AWA | All World Alliance


The All World Alliance (AWA) is founded by WOA players with (together) more than 25 years WOA experience and a track record of more than 25K connection planes exchanged.

In the last couple of years most of the player connections were between us and proved a solid and reliable way to play the game without constantly having to look for new connections so naturally this cooperation was continued.


New membership is by invitation.

Alliance Members and Airlines

andridhuri, B4RRERITA, boruberry, Eskilb, carlsberg72, Heiligm, Jfmidcarolina, JK737, L1ttleH2009, Marechkon33, OrangeAir, pilster, Player8888065037, SaxonianAirlines, Spull, TomMordon, ukplanespotter757 and WisconsinGamer.

Logo and Livery

The AWA logo is a basic design which can be personalised by members. De AWA livery is based on Supreme 3 with Dark Blue as the primary colour and Light Blue as the secondary colour. The Accent colour is the primary colour of the member airline liveries.

For Orange Air the Alliance livery is like this:


can i join? but what if i only paint one or two planes with the awa livery?

At the moment we are with 9 partners and that gives a lot of opportunities for exchanging planes. However, this requires some coordination between members and with too many this can be difficult.

That is why we have choosen for the invitation option, so expansion can be gradually.

9 players. Interesting
We are still discussing about having 15 players in our alliance. Just wanted to ask if you had some sort of a mechanism to remove inactive players from the alliance. Coz sooner or later we will need it.

Watch out for “over extension” where there are more inbounds than can be serviced in a play session. When all partners are sending multiple planes it can bog down.

When partners expect to play less, for whatever reason, it is announced in our private Discord channel. There are always enough active players to keep our airports occupied.

Currently we have 12 or 13. Right now thats not a problem since we decline contracts we cant service. And not everyone sends planes to everyone else. We request planes at our airports. No player randomly sends contracts without asking first.
Also do you remove inactive players or just let them be??

We don’t have them.

Lol fine

Alliances work best in my opinion where you play to the strengths of the members so that you have aircraft across all routes without going crazy numbers.
Let’s face it that what real life alliances do


We do not have inactive players :wink:

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We at Tranquility dont either. Just asking since yall have been doin this for much longer.

Hello, I am looking for an active aviation alliance to join to seek more player links. All of my playable airports have been unlocked, and I have a fleet of pure wide-body aircraft in MCT, I still have enough resources to buy airplanes and custom paint them. I want to join your airline alliance.

A330-300 4
B787-9 7
B777-300ER 2
A380-800 5

hello I’m an very active player and i really want to join you alliance


New Alliance members are invited by current members who have a history of exchanging connections or contracts. Currently we do not expand.

I suggest you create your own Alliance by inviting 3 well known connection players and have them invite another 2. This gives a firm base to start with.