B462 or B462F which is more profitable

Planning on buying a B462 but should I buy the pax version or freighter version?

B462 you can get for free in BRI: Bari. So it’s not wise to buy pax version of 462.

Freight version is more profitable.

Last question: B462F or E190?

Im currently in prg and in bri I have no B462 arrivals

He means that you don’t need to unlock the B462 with SP for your own fleet. You’ll get it for “free” after handling a specified amount of planes of that type in BRI.

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e190 has longer range so more variery of connections avaiable.

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So is it a good idea to unlock the B462F with SP?

I would save SP for M/L/XL planes unlocking

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Ok Thanks for the advice :+1::+1:

Again, E190 will be unlocked for free once you play PRG long enough. Don’t spend SP on it!

if you are going pax, go for A319. 1k more in price compare to E190, 30 more pax per trip.