B772 Please

I have completed every achievement but 1 it’s the B772 I can’t find the plane SOMBODY pls help by the way 6% of players have completed it according the the achvents


Dose anybody’s on know pls

There’s no B772 in the game

But how do 6% of players have it in the achievement

I don’t know
It might be a wrong info

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they may be the devs? theres another achievement called a320IAE (IAE engines) i got it handling an american airlines a320. the achievement is there because we are getting both IAE and CFM engines with a320 rework

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I have a Achievement guide that I’ve posted of the WoA Discord server, you can check it here

But to sum it up, the B772 achievement is at the moment i’m writing this, impossible to get. If you handled a B777 before 2.0, you should have this achievement

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It was only a pre-2.0 plane

Will they add it back

At some point in the future yes I’m sure but likely not for a long time

I’m not sure about that. The devs said that over the next 6-12 months, they will focus on remodeling all 1.0 aircraft. Like we just saw with the 787 and like we will see in a couple of weeks with the a350, when they remodel an aircraft, they usually add in missing variants. The 777F needs to be remodeled, and the remodeling is already confirmed for the near future. And the 777F is pretty much a cargo version of the 772. So I think that they will add the 772 with the 777F rework.


They need to overhaul all of them to achieve the holy grail of retractable Landing gear


what about tilted gear

Same issue

I see thanks for clearing this up

the 777F is a 777-200LR but cargo, so we might see the 200LR and/or the 200ER with 777F’s rework