BAE 146 Remodel!

The BAE 146 (B463) and cargo variant remodel is the next remodel to be released (if plans don’t change), what liveries are you most excited for?

I’m most excited for this livery: (please Devs add it for the route from Heathrow To Guernsey​:pray::pray::grin:)

Also quick question for the devs, will the variants be added, like Bae-146-100 and the -200?


This is the BAe146-300 :smile:

If anything I’d have thought the 100 and 200 would be something to come after all the aircraft models are updated

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I know this was the -300, don’t know why I wrote that lol i might have meant 200?, and yeah I see what you mean, like there doing the 777-200 after the rest of the remodels

Definitely haha, either way it’s nice to see one of the aircraft from the games initial release being touched up, I mean it’s very sensible to upgrade a British plane not long after a British airport has been added!

It will be still the single variant and both pax and freight versions will be updated.

Confirmed with devs a short while ago


I’m guessing it’s same airlines in game with maybe some new additions?

The remodeled Bae146 is incredible. How about remodel A320? It have a big contrast with remodeled a319.

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Actually the A319 has been remodeled but that was a while ago in 2021

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Devs have said 320 will come after the 350, both of those are huge updates needed. Patience please. I get it’s an important ask from many players. But it won’t be happening before March at the very earliest.


Thank you for good news!

whats the difference between the 300 and the 100

100 is the shortest of the family and has the lowest capacity, whilst the 300 is the longest and has the largest capacity. Then you have the 200 which is in between


From WoA Facebook page. Be interesting to see what other livery’s they got coming out with it.