Bari Airport's INN Arrivals Bugged with 2 same planes


Hey guys!

I’ve noticed that on my Bari airport I have 2 exactly the same arrivals for INN Innsbruck airport.
It seems like a bug to me cuz there is no normal way to select 2 same planes for the arrival slots.

Here is the screenshot:

You can see that there are 2 B462 CGs with exactly the same flight number and no ATR72.
The Arrival slots are maxed out so there is no way for me to choose the ATR72 anymore.

The reason why I’ve noticed this is because I got another account and on that account the default arrival slot for INN on Bari is the B462 CG and for the next available arrival slot you can only choose the ATR72 but on my main account somehow I got 2 B462 CGs…

Can anyone tells me how can I get the ATR72 back? I’ll really appreciate your help!


This happens with other airports also. Previously it was flagged as solved. But it appeared are on.

There is nothing you can do. It’s up to the devs.

Thanks man! It really sucks cuz I don’t have any cargo ramp now so it only depends on my and my partners’ planes to earn the keys…