Bari British Airways A319

Yesterday I accidentally purchase A319 of British Airways From LGW and I have remove from My Contract, and at the same time, I restart the game only to find to out, I have An A319 BA from LGW, So is it possible a different one or is it the same plane?

Also is there a way for contracts to replenish, like let’s say Map Contract: LGW or LHR Or Inns and there’s only one contract plane, if I purchase and remove the contract by accident or refresh that contract.
Can the same contract refresh in a period of time

if you had 1.0 contracts transferred to your 2.0, you could have had a 319 from LGW that way. As for contract replenishment, I am not sure, I will check, but I cancelled a Delta 752 from SDF at SAN, and that option is still there for me to reselect.

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I tested this with my A319 Alitalia from Zagreb I bought, I cancelled, I restarted my game, and it’s like I’ve never brought it before.
Is there a way we know if this Dev’s update to us, because I remember before this, once, I bought a map contract the aircraft isn’t there anymore.

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The contract system is a bit weird when dealing with transferred ones and reward ones.

I have one A124 contract between IAD-KEF from 1.0 and now it shows between “Local” (in yellow background), “Regional”, “International” at different times. And this is nowhere to be found on the world map.

Some reward contracts occupy the slot of normal contracts but some don’t even if there are identical ones in that airport and they work like the A124 one aforementioned.