Bari - Is the Star Wars ANA plane gone

I still play Bari often - it’s my largest Fleet lol.

Before the update, it was very common for the ANA Star Wars from Nagoya to show up and I would actually get bored dealing with it.

After the update, I like the fact that you can select what planes come in but I do not see that one as one of the options. Did they lose the rights or is there another destination that the plane comes from?

You can’t get the 777 livery in Nagoya, because the plane in real life operates from Tokyo(NRT) for International flights. You also can’t get the ANA special livery at Bari or Prague, as ANA doesn’t fly there in real life with any of their planes. However, you can still get the ANA special livery in IAD if you unlock the connection between IAD and Tokyo.

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I feel like IAD has so many more planes, like Uniteds new livery, ana star wars, and just a lot more.

No problem.

I don’t mind some bent realism. Again, before the update I was sick of the ANA showing up.

But part of the bent realism is the option to have Delta, American, and United serve the Airport from IAD and EWR.

I just have not had the time to work on IAD since for me, it just takes nights of over and over servicing when I have nothing else to do. Right now I am pretty occupied which is the only real reason I haven’t gotten that far. I have fleets at all 3 European airports and just like getting in and sending them all out but Bari is the most efficient.