Best contracts

Hello I’m actually playing at Bari airport and I’m looking to get some new contracts that are profitable. Does anyone here have some suggestions??

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I would recommend M Cargo, such as these B752Fs, they have some favorable rewards.

The reward at level 22 is this L tier A332 connection to Tel Aviv.

It has a very short flight time for an L plane, thus rewards can be earned quickly.

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The fastest way to level up is spamming short range, high xp m planes like the 752 and NX and handling multiple times daily. You can max LHR from a clean slate using this strat in about three weeks, and inn and Bri are FAR faster

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So there are two main strategies for leveling up, and I’d say it depends on how you play.

The first is the method that ThatFlyerGuy proposed above. If you play for a long period of time OR multiple times per day separated by 2 hours or so, this is an excellent way to go.

I don’t do that – I will typically log into an airport once a day. So my strategy is to go for the longest distance routes that I possibly can and keep the ratio of planes to be so I can land a full airport, handle, takeoff, close game, repeat. So a few of my favorite contracts are:

For Ls: A359 ITA Airways to PPT, A359 Fiji Airways to NAN, B789 Hawaiian Air to KOA (all these are in the Pacific Ocean)

For M Pax: A21NX Air Transat to YQB (Canada), A21NX IndiGo to COK (India)

For M Cargo: B738F SpiceJet to ATQ (India), B738F Ethiopian to ADD (Ethiopia), A321F Royal Jordanian to AMM (Jordan), B734F Bluebird Nordic to KEF (Iceland)

In general the former option provides you SP and XP more frequently, but in smaller quantities. While the latter takes longer to pay out, but you have a larger payout. Hope this helps, and good luck!


The former option requires the fewest days of play, the latter takes less hours overall but FAR longer.