Best large planes to use

Which L planes are the best to use for grinding SP and Wollars? I was considering the A306 since it’s the cheapest.

Typically, for maximum sp grind, you want the slowest plane on the longest routes possible so that you can maximize time they are in the air so they hit that 650 hour flight time to maintenance C. Since range is no limiting factor a 306 can fly as far as a 787.

However, some airplanes, like 319N, A333 and A346, have reduced maintenance miles compared to the speeds they go. Around 640-642 hours instead of 650 flight hours worth. This makes they tempting planes for slicing at least a few hours off waiting for them.

For money grind, nothing beats cargo planes. C17, 306F and 777F are all very good at making money. I’d say start with either the C17 or the 306F then buy the other and work your way toward the 777F. I’d lean toward the c17, though, if you can wait for it. BTW, cargo planes make the most money on the shortest available route. Keep them going back and forth on that shortest route and use cargo to pay for passenger planes.

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Going off what you’re saying, that would make the 734 the best M plane by far, right? It has the lowest speed and maint miles. In addition, it seats more than the 190, 319 and 19N.

It looks like the 306 is the best choice for an L with the slowest speed, maint miles and cost.

This is all for grinding SP of course.

Yes. Going by that strict metric, the 734 and 306 are good long haul sp grinders. Better ones like the medium and large turboprops are slower but far more expensive.

On the other hand, e190 and especially regular 319 are both very cheap mediums to build fleets of.

But where slow is good for sp grind, it’s not the bedt for connections. That’s where a plane like 757, which can almost keep up with 332 and is actually faster than 306 comes in handy. Or just buy a fleet of 787s for connections.