Best M plane for grinding

hi all, what is the best M plane for grinding? and what airport in Europe is the best for M plane business class profit?

I am going to say the A19N. Having compared its profits with the largest one which is the 757, it always earns more as profit than the 757. It also has a good range only second to the 757.

thanks! do you also know which airport in europe gives the most business class and economy profit?

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Best for what?

For XP grinding: B752 earns the most XP on contracts
For Wollars grinding: B38M / A19N tend to be the most profitable planes on many routes
For SO grinding: B752 - it has the longest range, which earns it the most SP when sent as far as possible.

Sorry about this I have no idea. Dont play a single European airport since the update.

thanks! I know what to do now, thank you! :slight_smile:

thanks for your help anyway, I now know what to do.