Best way to earn W fast?

Hey I have been loving this game. I play it all day and am finding fastest way to earn W is on IAD. I am trying to save up for 787, I have u locked it with “golden planes”. Any ideas on how to get cash fast so I can actually buy one to use. 290k W is a lot to earn it seems. Thanks so much. Also another question.
What is the most W you can earn on a flight?

b787 earns 27000 to Hong Kong, 17000-22000 to NGO and many other places
a380 is much better for grinding W. Unlock it first. Around 67000 to Australia and 50000-66000 to some other places like Singapore and Hong Kong.
Oh you already unlocked 787… well it is same mistake I did. Unlock a380 and spam that.
Well as for buying first a380 - yes, just play IAD. Unlock all cargo and all L and X stands. Do not unlock S and M. Some players even block S and M stand they have - service plane but do not release it - timer stops when it is ready for departure(will be fixed in the next game version). If you have your own S and M planes in IAD - you can unlock airports in west coast and Brazil and send planes you already have there.

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The secret to making some serious ₩ is to own a fleet of planes. Generally the “bigger the better” all M planes earn ₩ quicker than the S planes. All L are more profitable than the M planes …

It would seem the best way to make ₩ is to have a fleet and keep it in the air.
These A380s can pump out cash much quicker than servicing Airlines does.


Wow. Thanks friends. Can’t wait to get the 787 in the sky. I prefer Boeing that’s why I unlocked 787 first.


Which L planes make the most? Better to spend GPs on the larger of the large? Or use GP on cargo planes?

The 777 is the costliest to buy and it also gives the most money, both for normal and fleet.

@player3235746748 , what does this mean, “will be fixed…l? Thx