Best ways to earn silver planes

I’m at INN currently, suggest me best ways to earn silver planes and I’ve maxed out INN, waiting for upgrading levels to unlock next level airport, also suggest few tips and tricks like if I should save money or buy planes with it… and stuff like that about what should I save and spend for next airport. Also use of silver planes and other such stuff

If you would like to mine more silver planes, the best option for you right now is to unlock either IAD or LHR (I recommend LHR as the total number of ground staff can reach nearly 300 when maxed).

Get mostly large aircraft contracts (and as far as possible) you will see a huge increase of your silver planes.

Wait INN is maxed but you don’t have bari???

Anyway you should buy gold planes ofc, then use those to get IAD or LHR. Then once you have one of those, start grinding to unlock the 77w. Use normal airline contracts at first, although player contracts are even better obviously.

Maxed out I meant that all facilities are unlocked but the level is not maxed out

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How much better are player contracts? Obviously your own planes get paid a lot more, but are there other advantages? Like more xp or silver planes compared to the normal contracts? And do only your own planes get more wollars or also the planes you recieve from a contract from a player? Sorry for all the questions (:

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Xp and sp are the same income can be 5-6x of AI. Only your own planes get the boost

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