Best wishes

The dawn of a new year is guided to us by the lights of Christmas.

2022 Will be challenging now that it seems that we are back where we started almost 2 years ago with Covid.

Yesterday we went in another lockdown here in The Netherlands, we probably being the standard bearer in a long procession to follow. So be it.

I wish all of you players, forum members and developers, a merry Christmas and a good start of a new prosperous year in good health. Take care of your loved ones and may LEJ take care of your further enjoyment of this wonderful game called WOA.


Without traveling over the world mainly by planes we will never get rid of this. The countries have lockdowns but then people travel all the world continously … perversity.

I wish you mainly good connection partnerts & health!


Well Indians don’t celebrate christmas but I wish a very good christmas to all and a happy new year in advance.