Beta goodies to be made available for all for completion of certain goals

Hello all good people who play the game!
I have just installed it and I have to say that I think that the fact that Beta players getting the really good stuff is rather unfair for new players like myself, who couldn’t support the game devs.
I have a suggestion.
If, in future updates, Heathrow and Charles De Gaulle are added, you can unlock the Concorde by moving 1,969 planes at their respective airports to unlock them.
The Gold livery could be unlocked by 100% completing all the airports.
Let me know if you like the idea of this!

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I don’t mind your idea as such, but we didn’t get the Concord because we were beta, but because we supported this game financially at a high level to make the game happen in the first place. You can check the various levels out at Indiegogo. The Concord was definitely a premium flight ticket, but I for example wanted to support them a bit extra for their good work at their earlier, free, game.


I have invested not only 50 Euro but a lot of private time to help develop and debug the game free of charge so I will never agree that it should be fair to have same perks for everyone for handling 2000 planes or even money by purchasing gold planes. There was several wipes on the way to release and on the last round of testing some of us handled over 900k passengers with 2500 planes on the counter. You can imagine how that recalculate to time.

Unique for backers means unique for backers very simple concept. “I could not support devs” is also quite inadequate and strange argument here. I hope they will stay fair to those who believed in project even before start and keep the original agreement.


I for one actually couldn’t. By the time I discovered Airport PRG the Indiegogo was already closed.

But I agree that something that was promised as special to backers before there even was a game should remain special to them.


Totally agree, exclusive to backers is exclusive to backers.

However, I regret not buying “Be A Concorde” instead of “Be Visible”, would have liked to have it in my fleet. If it by any chance becomes available for purchase I would not hesitate to obtain it. Even at a very high price.

If it should not be available to anyone other than the 44 people who donated via Indiegogo, it should not be visible as forever locked in everyone else’s hangar. Seeing a Concorde that you can never get is not motivating.


I still would like to be able to unlock Concorde though. I do not care about the exclusive to 44 backers bit, I just want to be able to own my own Concorde, PLEASE! :sob:

I don’t. One for, all for one!

Agreed. Sometimes I think that the devs are stubborn to the point you could get them to carve Mount Rushmore on Mount Everest with their foreheads.

Being unfair to backers because others think its fine… interesting concept.

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Well, its he easy, He WANT to have, so everything should get away.

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And you mean what?

Is it? How about the players who repeatedly see Concorde in the hangar, yet can’t unlock it because they can’t /didn’t even know the Indiegogo thing was inactive for the past two years?
Having such a plane visible, yet unobtainable to all but 44 players is not only disheartening, but somewhat unfair.
That’s why I am politely asking you or any of the devs if you are planning on making it available in the future to all.

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Why not buy your own?

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that’s what i’m doing every day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes and you have server wipe every third day to start from zero to test numbers of fixes everywhere.

If someone finds hard to acknowledge Concorde and golden 737 was sort of “thank you” for spending free time to help game to happen I can’t help it sorry (forget 30 or 50 usd - time cost more than 50 $ in most cases).

Saying that i do agree concorde should not have “LOCKED” button because it indicates it may be unlocked. That is just small cosmeting thing from another hand and more major things are in progress always.


I think if it’s locked it’s more reasonable than having it suddenly appearing at a players airport. That would cause even more questions.

Anyway I can live without the Concorde and I appreciate the backers.