Black screen for Innsbruck

Love the game, tried accepting the Keflavik event contract and got a server box.

Quit the game and reloaded, now I get a black screen when I try loading Innsbruck. At 11, would hate to lose all progress.

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I am also having the same problem any suggestions?

Here’s a run down of all thd problems I’ve been having lately with WOA.

After the initial start of the menu screen all I get is a black screen when-ever I select Innsbruck airport with music and no game, also when I do get onto the game it says unexpected error all the time.

I am using a poco x3 pro, ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app many times but it doesn’t seem to have any effect, please can you fix your game.

Short of deleting and reloading, nope. Hopefully the Devs have seen this and working a solution.

Yea same, INN its the only airport I have. I cannot play it anymore

I just had the same issue now I just get a black screen.

J’ai le même problème j’ai accélérer le contrat de l’Islande et depuis écran noir à tu trouver une solution ?

For now, nope

Same issue. Keflavik event. Said server error when I tried getting the 752 to land and now my Innsbruck is black.
It’s the only airport I have.
I am using a Find X2
Have deleted and reinstalled app.
Still the same issue

I’m having an issue too, the game has lost all my progress and won’t resync with game center - gives an error.

My 2nd account only has Innsbruck cant even play it. Also on this account Innsbruck isnt working either! It seems to be Iceland airlines is the problem cuz a few days ago the same thing happened on Prg and Muscat.

Alright judging by the fact Innsbruck had the same Icelandair that Prague had a few days ago, I am assuming it’s the same issue as that because of the fact it’s the same plane, and from the discord it’s having all the same issues

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Loaded Innsbruck this morning and it works. Not sure what happened, Devs probably fixes the glitch.