Black Tails Alliance

you need to include at least in one plane a livery with black colour

these are just examples, you can pic whatever livery you want

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@Phantom0777 I m interessted if your alliance will take members.
I play MCT level 61 daily and offer up to 30 free slots at my airport.
Greetings from Lopaka777 with Airline 777Lopaka

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reach me on discord please
username: phantom0777_2.0

@Phantom0777 i try to get discord soon, thank you!

@Phantom0777 my discord Name ist Drake Rock, i request friendship to you now.

@Phantom0777 With _2.0 cannot request friendship, so how can contact you on discord? Friend rquest send to Phantom0777,
Do you have an invitation link for me?

Hi I have 40a388 and 15b77w in LHR i would like to join

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I will like to join to

What are the requirements to join?

@Player1233 @soullessgamer6 @Lopaka777
request me on discord: phantom0777_2.0

here’s the invite: Black tails alliance

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paint a plane with black and cyan colours, be active and have at least a m plane unlocked

who messaged me on discord

@soullessgamer6 @Player1233 @Lopaka777

I am not using discord

ok thankd

So how am I going to join if I am not using discord?

uhhh, idk ask @ThatOnePlaneBoy or get discord


I’ll message shortly
Neon_Engineer on discord