Bland Muscat Traffic

Hey guys I’ve been playing muscat for a while now and I’ve almost maxed the airport (3 stands left) and now that I am unlocking arrivals, the airlines arriving seem to be bland. Not to say anything negative about the airlines, but I mean all I get most of the time is Oman Airlines. Like I get that it’s the flag carrier and that I could just disable some arrivals, but my point is that there aren’t even any American arrivals beside an American 747. I just wish maybe Delta, United, and American wide bodies with maybe some Lufthansa and ANA wide bodies could arrive in the traffic as well. Everytime I look at the landing queue I just go back to Prague or IAD because they have a way better diversity of airlines. Maybe that’s what I wanted to say, but my point still stands. Nothing against the devs, just curious to see if you guys agree that the AI traffic at Muscat is a bit bland compared to PRG, IAD, or even NGO. Let me know what you guys think, thanks!


idk if some airlines you mentioned even operate in muscat in real life

Watch here to see the airlines operating Muscat.

Do you only unlock arrivals or also different destinations?

There are some airports in the list without an arrival. You can only send your own planes to those.

Everything is saying that they even have some airlines that aren’t there irl, and some are missing, HOWEVER WITH THE NEW UPDATE you will be able to request any airline within reason to my understanding

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