Boarding Bridge

Will this boarding bridge be modified in the future? The current boarding bridge doesn’t look very nice.

Hmm, some flowers and a paintwork and they look friendly and new.


I can only see it happening with a full rework of IAD. It’ll probably happen at some point considering PRG and INN were both reworked.

Honestly I think an IAD and NGO rework should happen before another large project such as the Kai Tak retro airport project, but that’s just personal opinion. It would be great to see this airport with all its stands working as well as its four operating runways.


Would be cool to see for sure. But I feel like a fully functioning IAD would be harder to implement than a retro airport like Kai Tak. They would need to rework the entire taxipatterns and doing that while still keeping it optimized for mobile is probably harder than it sounds.

Oh it certainly would be difficult. But I think it will become necessary as the games quality standards increase. They don’t need to include all four runways, they could just be modeled and unusable like PRG. The terminals definitely need some love.

That said I personally don’t think the game will be able to reach its full potential if it only does 1 and 2 runway airports. That basically eliminates a significant chunk of the worlds airports from ever being added. Hopefully this will change when the games code is rewritten in the coming update.

First of all, Central Japan International Airport does not have many international flights compared to other airports in Japan. Rather, there are more international flights at Kansai International Airport, Narita International Airport, and Haneda International Airport.
This time, many Asian companies have been added to the airport. Therefore, another large airport should be built in Asia to accommodate international flights.

If the devs can make large airports work without affecting performance, they will, but until now, it’s just not feasible for a mobile game to support such large airports.

I’m not sure what you’re referencing here. IAD is already in game, and KIX (which is purely just an idea) would be roughly the size and complexity of MCT.