Boeing and Embraer"s planes

Did anyone notice that Boeing and Embraer’s aircraft’s fan dosen’t rotates?
Including Bombadier’s.

Not all of them…
The 787, 777, 744, and BCS1/3 have fan rotation since they are v3 aircraft, which means they are the newest generation of models. The rest are either v1 or v2. v1 aircraft(like 748, crj) are not too detailed the fuselage is often an awkward shape and the engines are kind of like pentagons. V2 aircraft(like a330, e-jets, 737) are a major step up in quality. They have a good fuselage but are often missing little details, like no rotating fan blades, and the landing gear and engines are not completely round.



B744 and B77W should also have rotating fan-blades, but I’m sure you’ve seen mostly B738s which I think don’t have them, nor do the B752s

That’s because they haven’t been updated yet, that’s why they don’t have those details.We just have to wait for them to be updated.