Since I’ve been playing WOA, I’ve been getting more and more involved with aviation. As a European, I’m more interested in Airbus than Boeing, so I don’t know that much about it. But that’s what you’re here for.

I don’t want to open a huge topic with this thread and start huge discussions. I know how much the forum can escalate when it comes to upcoming remodels.

I tried to do some research on the B737 and B757 to see which would be relevant for WOA. In my eyes the B757 is easier with the B752, B753 and B752F.

I find it harder with the B737s.

The oldest models will probably not be relevant for the game for the time being, but there would be the “ageing” B737-600 to B737-900 including the B737-900ER and of course the latest MAX versions with MAX 7 to 10.

So I count at least 8-9 different versions plus a freighter version.

Would all versions be relevant for WOA or should we cut back?

The A320 also has 8 versions + freighter

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I think you are eating a couple of B737 models, the developers are going to update the B737 and add the legendaries as special events How will the B731, B732, B733 be, starting with the B734, they are active in the game with some airlines that are in some playable airports in the game, they will not be They will eliminate , they will be updated,Just like the B736, B737, B738, B739, B739er variants, the Max 7, Max 8, Max 9 and Max 10 will be added. These models will be added when they begin the remodeling.

To build out the 737 properly you would go from
737-300 all the way through the the 900-ER

For the max you go through Max 7-10 (assuming the 10 is released for sale )

Freighters are a little tricker but i think they have them about right


The total list that i know off the top of my head is 100 through 900, 900ER, 700ER, 600combi, 200combi, max 8-200, and the 4 base max variants. There are also freighter conversions for most 100-900 models. This is AT LEAST 18 models and far more factoring in the 4 military variants and possible cargo conversions (like the A321p2f), as well as all winglet and engine variants. This means a single 737 update encompassing all models is clearly not feasible.

Most likely not but personally I highly doubt they will do all of them. Probably just the most common ones

Thank you for your opinion

Wow thats alot. I really hope though they choose to add at least one more aircraft like the 772 or 767 before adding the 737 though, especially since the 737 is a v2 aircraft so its not in desperate need of a rework

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Would there also have to be a comparable amount of different livery compared to Airbus? Are there more, less or a similar number of relevant airlines with these models? I’m just trying to get an idea of how extensive this project would be.

They will not add a new plane, they will update the ones we have even if they are in v2, we have the B757 that is not updated, perhaps it will be the next on the list that only the developers know, great job What they do for the game.

Boeing and Airbus do have detailed sub variant for each aircraft that has different performance. We might need more detailed configuration selection function for those sub variant for work.