Bonus rewards for fast handling

When does the bonus reward start working? I am in the second airport and handling all my planes within the bonus limit but I get no extra bonuses!?
I never gotten the reward bar.

Welcome @PilotMoose,

For now there is no bonus money anymore and the bonus bar is removed.
Somewhere in the future, the handling of airplanes within bonustime will have effect on the popularity of your airport and how many passengers will come to your airport. When doing bad, there will not be enough passengers to fill your own airplanes and you will get less money for the routes.

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Also id like to add that bonus time is still important for achievements. You might have noticed that in the second airport, BRI, there is an achievement for handling 100 Bae146s in bonus time. Once you get this achievement you get the BAe unlocked for free


Really? I didnt know. Was this something that was said by devs? If yes thats a great feature

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Yes that is long term plan (to have passangers pool based on efficiency on airport). Couple more steps to be done as well - currently we are testing that timed out planes still will require handling to be completed but reward will be zeroed (and it will influence airport performance = hence number of available passangers).