Bonus timer

I’ve recently started playing World of Airports, and really enjoying it. Reading the guide yesterday, I came across the bonus timer feature. I’ve searches an answer to this and tried to understand before posting, but Incan’t for the life of me figure out whether I’m doing something wrong, or I’m not understanding the guide properly. I don’t seem to have a bonus timer anywhere (screenshot attached). Is there something I’m missing or am I just doing something wrong? Any help appreciated. Thank you!

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The bonus timer is part of the actual servicing of the aircraft. It used to be that if you serviced a plane within 90% of the time allowed you would get a bonus (green) after that (turns red) you would get a standard amount and if you run out you will get nothing.

Right now, the bonus timer no longer works that way , it doesn’t affect your total cash received unless you run out of time, then you get 0.

Coming with the new update, it changes again, if you handle within time (green) then you get the money. If it turns red, the bonus counts down to 0, until the servicing is completed. If you run out of time again you get 0.

In short you aren’t missing anything, it’s just changed since the original tutorial notes were written and game set up.

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Hi carlsberg72. Thank you very much for clarifying. I thought I was missing the point and not understanding partnof what I was meant ro do.

Makes perfect sense now. Thanks for taking the time to clarify that up for me. Cheers!