Brazilian Alliance"

Welcome to the Brazilian Alliance Group (B.A). One of the largest aviation groups in South America.

Aliança Brazilian Group was created in Campinas - São Paulo. It was founded in 5 May 2015, in Campinas – São Paulo, Brazil. Alliance Brazilian Group is a private equity group on the Brazilian stock exchange (B3).
Its main operations centers are currently the airports of Viracopos, Santarém, Manaus, Galeão, Recife and Confins. The administrative headquarters of Aliança is in the Greater São Paulo region. Alliance Brazilian registered approximately 12,500 employees at its airports.
Its domestic and regional fleet consists mainly of ATR-72, Embraer E-Jets, A320Neo and Airbus A319 aircraft.
The Group also has a Hub focused on cargo transport, which is operated by its subsidiary Brazilian Alliance Cargo.

Here are some of the Brazilian Alliance companies:

Adriannomiranda - BRASILE1RO0 :white_check_mark:
David - mosecoi :white_check_mark:
Hamilton Junior - ShadowSTH :white_check_mark:
Jacson - Jac Air :white_check_mark:
João Paulo - JPNASC730 :white_check_mark:
Murilo Alves - AutMurilo :white_check_mark:
ruanttorres - oRuan2001 :white_check_mark:
Sommer - SNAIRLINES :white_check_mark:
Thiago Barreira - B4RRERITA :white_check_mark:
Jean Lucas - Jean1974 :white_check_mark:
Victor Gabriel - Victorgabrielmelo10 :white_check_mark:
Yago - Yago Airlines :white_check_mark:
Zac - Zamorano Airlines subsidiary Zac Airlines :white_check_mark:

Brazilian Alliance Maintenance focuses on aircraft maintenance and operates in Europe, North America and South America. It also operates an aircraft scrap yard in Santarém, Campinas, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Porto Alegre.

Operational aircraft / Brazilian Alliance:
Atr. 76
Atr. 43
Atr. 43F
Saab - Sf340
Airbus A300-600
Airbus A319
Airbus A19N
Airbus A320
Airbus A333
Airbus A332F
Airbus A332
Airbus A340-300
Airbus A340-600
Airbus A350-900
Airbus A350-1000
Airbus A380-800
Embraer CRJ9
Embraer E170
Embraer E175
Embraer 190
Boeing B734
Boeing B38M
Boeing B738
Boeing B738F
Boeing B757-200F
Boeing B757-200
Boeing B787
Boeing B777
Boeing B747

Start of operations
In 25 November 2015 the company received, from ANAC, the Certificate of Approval of Air Transport Company for people and cargo. Thus, he was able to start requesting Transport Schedules (HOTRAN), which are authorizations for the operation of commercial air transport in Brazil. The Alliance Brazilian group started selling tickets on the day 27 novembro 2015.
The inaugural flight took place in 1December 2015 traveling between Santarém and Campinas and later on the same day between Campinas and Santarém. On the first day of operation, the aircraft occupancy rate was 69%, equaling the average occupancy rate for domestic flights from other airlines that same year. That same month, the Alliance Brazilian group started the executive bus service to transfer passengers between the metropolitan center of São Paulo and Viracopos airport, its operational hub.

International flights
In 1 janeiro 2016, the Alliance Brazilian group started selling tickets to Seoul :kr: and Bangkok :thailand:. Operations began in 25 january 2016, respectively. For international routes, the group started using the new Airbus A330 and A350. The group currently has a very broad international network in Brazil.

In August 2019, Alliance Brazilian Group began operating Alliance Brazilian Cargo, a business unit designed to charter air cargo of small parcels transported in the hold of aircraft on passenger flights and optimizing the use of aircraft at the airports of Viracopos, Santarém, Fortaleza and Recife. In November of the same year, it also started offering the Brazilian express delivery service.
The expansion of Alliance Brazilian’s operations at Brazilian airports caused other companies to also increase the supply of seats, intensifying competition and, in the same year, airports registered an increase of 146%, reaching a historic mark in the number of passengers. At the end of 2018, passenger movement at airports tripled and became a third option for passengers in the metropolitan area.
Alliance Brazilian Cargo operates an integrated network made up of aircraft, vehicles, systems and special staff on a daily basis. This network makes it possible to explore new markets and opens up opportunities to establish strong and lasting relationships with your customers.


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I will like to join to , what are the requirements?

leave your ID and which base you operate from, in your fleet you must have at least 2 planes with basic 4 paint as in the image, note: it is not mandatory at the moment, the alliance is still in the process of being created. more details soon

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Congrats folks. Let us know if you need help or contracts!

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Great to see another Alliance in the game.We hope you have as much fun as we have. And just as our collegue above, let us know if we can help.

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My nick JoRuan2001
my base is in San Diego, Sint Maarten and Heathrow
I have A340-300 is 600, B787-9 but without paintings

ok ruan, welcome to the alliance, we will soon put the list of members at the beginning of the topic, you can send it to any of the members or non-members, feel free

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thanks guys, we are happy to join you

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I want Join this


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It is a great honor to be part of this alliance with my Brazilian colleagues.

Thank you to the other alliances who wished us congratulations.


Thank you and a pleasure to be part of the Alliance :v:t3:


Hello Vitor, follow the same step as my friend above, leave your ID, in your fleet you must have at least 2 planes with basic 4 paint as in the image, note: it is not mandatory at the moment, the alliance is still in the process of being created. more details soon

Good to see brazilians here. Dá-lhe, B.A.G.!


How did you create that name ,air company , on the plane and logo ???

Photo editing, that is not in game