BRI - connection request

Hi I am playing cusually on 2nd quite new account - anyone fancy to send me some planes ?
S/M-pax ; S/M-cargo

ID: GiCJfuidnIL0hejOHMev


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Do you have any aircraft at the moment?

Only one Dash Q400 :smiley: (I mentioned cusually) :smiley:

:person_facepalming: guess I’ll take it but on 5 June I’m am going to start my Exams and will be unavailable at this time until 13 June

I want send a request from LEJ but your account has not been found!

you can also a request send to
ID: SaxonianAirlines

that is weird its a copy to clipboard function i used here and its wrong :slight_smile:
Let me send a request then

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If you have any M aircraft please send me one!

thanks @SaxonianAirlines and DroningSalsa2358 it helps a lot. i forgot how time consuming is progressing in this game :smiley: