BRI | What does it cost and what can I expect?

Waiting for the great things to come I decided to “redo” BRI. Instead of immediately starting to play and buy things left and right, I took my time to take a look around to get a feeling what the costs were for starting up. I also inventoried the available destinations and incoming planes.

I like to share this information with so you can do some planning of your own.

(This information is based on Release 1.25.9.)

1. What does it cost?

At gamestart you have 1 unit available for each of the neccessary services for S stands. I think that the first thing tot do is max all these services so you can complete a turnaround in time.

Also the number of available service units needs to increase quickly for the same reason. In the chart below you will find the costs for these actions. (The services for M and L planes are included as well, but you will not find them at the beginning).

The moment you want to expand with M stands and gates, you have to invest in a structure to enable building these and for Terminal T2:

BRI InStru

And then the actual cost for the stands/gates themselves:


Depending on the money you have made playing INN you can create a financial strategy and make choices based on that.

2. What can I expect?

BRI starts with 6 destinations and a lot of aircraft types. 2 Additional destinations are gained after enabling M stands:

I hope this helps with your preperations.

Happy flying.

Edit 040920:
* Version number of game release added
* 2 destinations after enabling M stands added.