Bring back camera "glitch"

Don’t see why we really needed to patch the camera glitch. It was such a fun tool to use and made the game so much more enjoyable. I know it wasn’t an intended feature but now our viewpoints are super restricted to the preset cams. :frowning:


It would have been great to give it at least as a feature. But I promise the glitch carried like half my screenshots so it’s gonna be tough to go back to the defaults


It probably will. The devs must be aware that it’s a popular feature, they wouldn’t just remove it without some kind of plan.


If you don’t like it Tough you will just have to deal without camera glitch

The bug has been around for quite a while, and the fact it’s only just got fixed, and as you say the screenshots people have made using it are really good and the devs must know. Makes me wonder if something along the lines of a free cam is planned for a future update. Would be nice if it was


Yes, honestly, there wasn’t really any reason to remove the glitch because it didn’t cause difficulty, harm, or prevent the game from operating as it should. It only brought benefits and lots of room for fun exploration.

Without it, I lose a lot of the motivation for playing the game at all. Usually, an airport that is restrained from the view angles will get boring very quickly after a certain point.

However, I’m not sure if they will add a freecam feature because I’ve noticed that most of the map is intended to be seen from specific angles. I’m just hoping they bring it back.

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I will say, for those of us unable to replicate the glitch at times, it levels the playing field of the screenshot competition for now haha.


Well, they aren’t going to bring back a glitch. It’s going to be an integrated feature of some kind.

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Honestly, if a free cam isn’t implemented I’ll be highly disappointed. This feels like a step backwards.

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Yeah that’s true. I get not wanting a glitch, that’s totally reasonable, but it was a very well liked feature