British (B463)

please AirUK! :pray:

Looks nice

Yeah looks fantastic :heart_eyes:

Is a350 still coming?

Of course

I mean in 2.2.2

Nope, probably 2.2.3

And is that 100%? Because on the stream the devs said January, so I’m just wondering if thats 100%

I’d say more 75%, with everything needed for the a350, liveries and all, I’d probably say early to mid February is more realistic


Your probably right but we also said a realistic time for lhr would be between Christmas and new years but they released it a full week before. So while I agree with what you said and I am expecting probably February I wont be shocked if it comes out before the end of the month.

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It won’t be out in 2.2.2 unless they spring a surprise for us testers. So it will likely be 2.2.3 and February I would think. Never say never. But the cards are lining up for that.

They did say Jan on the 2.2 live stream, but things happen/change.


Where’s the oneworld logo???

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When the devs say something you kinda have to take it with a grain of salt. I wish they were better at not overpromising on deadlines, but they did a darn good job in December with ATC and LHR, so I’m in a generous mood when giving them the benefit of the doubt right now!


Did the BAe 146-300 have them on this livery? I know BA connect had it.