Bug with planes parking in prague

Hi I seem unable to always be able to clear a plane to land if it is to park at space 53.

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Hello! Welcome to the forum, It could be because you don’t have enough of a service vehicle. I don’t think it’s a game bug. Hope this helps!

Hi there, many thanks. I have 5 small plane slots, 4 buses, 4 cleaning, 4 baggage and 3 fuel. It should be enough. It meets the needs and sometimes allows me to clear a small plane to the ramp but not at others.
It’s as though when the last plane is cleared for take off the ramp forgets to allow itself again.

That’s odd, have you tried exiting and reopening the airport.

It could also be that the server thinks that it is still there. I don’t know how Servers or Clients work @Shill could have a solution.

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that looks like a normal process, have you tried to press the white rectangle instead of gates?

Managed to get a full row of 5 ramps but as soon as ramp 53 was empty I couldn’t get a flight to use it but it would then use two other ramps when they became free a few seconds later. Once filled still wasn’t able to use ramp 53.
I did close the app and reopen and it worked so could be a server sync issue, bit of a pain to have to do that each time so hopefully an easy fix glitch.

Love the game but still looking out for one that is similar to the old Airport Inc you could get on the pc yearssss ago where you built the airport infrastructure from scratch. I felt they ruined it when they tried to make it 3D.:pray:t2: