Bulk handling

Hi all, I read in the INN topic about using Bulk transport, how does this work? I am working in Washington with all location active and almost all services full.

I have not seen anything about bulk transport before. Could you link to it?

Its in the INN wiki strategies

@Techestro suggests: Don’t invest in the Cargo Stands until you have a lot of money. I recommend it only when you have got a stable profit and unlocked all Stands. When you do plan to get a Cargo Stand, invest in [M] Cargo Stand and [M] Cargo Arrivals first, and if possible, get a [M] Cargo Fleet Plane. As @Ivan0921 suggested, Bulk Handling is highly recommended if possible to get Player Connections if you are struggling to get slot keys for more arrivals!

You have two types of play styles; bulk and continuous.

Bulk: let airplanes land and sit on their parking stands. This way you optimize the runway usage for landing aircraft since there are no departures in between. Currently this works best with your own fleet since that timer stops once handling is completed.

Recommended at: inn, bri, prg, ngo, san

Continuous: send airplanes back in the air asap. When you have two runways, landings are not interrupted by departures.

Recommended at: iad, mct, lej

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In LEJ I do combine both:
Continous play on the runway with the lesser stands, bulk play on the runway with the many stands.

Thanks for the explanation!