Bus shown as being used when the airplane is using an air bridge (PRG)

I have just started playing the PRG scenario and there is an A380 disembarking using the air bridge of the terminal, and I can’t use the bus to disembark a BAe146 because apparently it is considered as being used by the other airplane.

Thanks for reporting however it is not a bug in fact.

You may consider “bus” as staff to do the embarkation/disembarkation.
Having jetbridge doesnt mean you need no staff for that. Its not a bug - working as intended.

Oh, i see, that’s unfortunate. I understand your point although I don’t fully agree, but ok.

Then, what are the benefits of building terminals of 7,5k? I thought that it would save the use of buses and also a faster boarding/deboarding.

Benefit is significant - speed of handling passangers is WAY faster than on apron :slight_smile: Feel free to measure time of handling of both.

I have to agree with you. Having the bus does not make sense. After all, the crew normally use the jetways just like the passengers. I could see a point if it occurred occasionally, such as when a late passenger or VIP is brought out. but otherwise it makes little sense.

Its passangers handling button not necesarily bus as such.

For game mechanics it is necessary to have this handling step even at jetbridged stands besides terminal.

Perhaps icon could be changed to some sort of “pax icon” but logic will 100 % remain the same.