Bus/Stairs at Gate Stands

Hi all,
I´m relatively new to the game and have been playing in BRI for about a week and I can say that I´m amazed about the realism of this game.
However, there is something I would like to mention/ask for and I hope it was not discussed already in another topic that I wasn´t able to find…
I unlocked the terminal stands at BRI and purchased stand number 302. The terminal stands all do have jet bridges but I still need a bus/stairs to service it when loading/unloading passengers.
On some checks I feel like the time needed is less than on an apron stand, but anyways it is blocking a bus/stair during the time of service which, in my opinion, doesn´t make sense as jet bridges are made to NOT need a bus/stairs anymore.
Are there any plans to change this or did I just miss something on the terminal stand procedure?
Very best regards and thanks in advance for your replies,

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I think the same way, because there is no reason to block a bus, since there is a boarding bridge.
But we can also understand that the bus does not symbolize a vehicle to go to the plane, but an unlocking to get off and on passengers regardless of how it is boarding bridge or the bus itself.


I get your point, but that would mean that terminal stands in general do not have any benefits which is a pity, as you need to pay 15k Wollars to make them available.
Under this circumstance, they are just regular stands with no benefits which makes me a little sad as I was really excited about how passenger handling would be on a terminal stand :frowning:

It’s still a new game, even though it’s been 3 years old, it’s been at least 2 years of adaptation to improve some aspects, I’ve been playing since launch and if you only knew how much has already been taken from us, in the old days you’d sell an a380 for 21 planes of gold, an a380 flight from IAD to PRG gave us earnings of 30k wollars or depending on even more, and today it’s worth almost nothing, today it pays to fly only to nearby airports, but they want more reality in the game so they’re adapting that way , I believe that when everything is rounded up with airports in each continent, they will turn their attention to improving us in terms of earnings, since they do not earn with advertisements, which is already very good.
I even gave them the idea of ​​earning sponsorship by placing advertising signs on the streets around the airport or even with cesna pulling advertisements.
Let’s see what will become of this new update.


The reason that a bus service is used is because it symbolizes a boarding crew being taken up, such as someone to operate the jetbridge, gate agents maybe, etc, the bus just happens to be there for non-jetbridges for it to work

Got that and makes sense.
Can anyone confirm if processing an aircraft on a jet bridge is faster than processing it on an apron stand?
Maybe that´s the only benefit then?

I think so, I never stopped to see it, but I’ve seen it when you click to speed up time, some are slower than others, I just don’t remember if one was on the gate and the other on the patio.

Yes, using a jetbridge reduces all service times. The next time you clear a plane for a jetbridge, look at the times before and after you press the button, and you’ll see them change.

However, due to an odd choice by the developers, there is a further tweak: the jetbridge makes the passenger loading timers run fast, and all other timers run slowly. I don’t remember what the multiplier is, but if for example you have passenger unloading for 2:30 and fuel for 2:30, the passengers will be done in under 2:00 and the fuel will take at least 3:00. I can’t remember whether there is a plan to address this in the upcoming update, so that a second will always be a second.

That’s not quite right. The time for passenger loading and unloading is accurate however the other services will have ‘slow’ timer since they will take as long as on any other stand.

So for example I get a plane wich takes 1:30 for loading/unloading and 1:30 for the other services. Once I assign it a stand with jetbridges the timers will be shortened by ⅓ (with the exception of NGO which cuts the time in half). So the game will show that passenger loading/unloading takes 1:00 (which is accurate) and the same for the other services (which is NOT accurate since they still take 1:30)


Thanks RandomEgyptian for your explanation. So jet bridges are at least not complete nonsense.
At the end, I need to buy them anyways as I need the stands :wink:

Only the small tier planes need buses

That’s true. The ATRs, Dash 8, CRJ and Saab 340 all use the bus/airstair animation while parked at jetbridges, even though the service times use the jetbridge multiplier.

nice topic


Ok so I’ve been watching it and services at MCT are definitely moving at half speed.

Here’s an A380 with 1:52 fueling remaining and 14:11 overall:

When the timer has ticked down to 10:46 the fuel is at :10

So while 3:25 has elapsed on the main timer, the fuel has only done 1:42.

This is why I’ve routinely had to boost A388s at MCT to get them handled on time!

Good to know! Thanks for looking into it. I dont play much at MCT so I just assumed it worked like every other airport