Button for hiding planes which are ready for departure

Hi guys,

it would be very helpful if there was a button with which we could hide the planes that are ready for departure. When you have over 50 planes and you have to wait for the destination timer to run out, the planes waiting for departure are really clogging up the slider making it time consuming to swipe through all the planes to find that one plane which need your attention.

Basically something like the button for hiding of the arriving and departing planes.

Just a thought.



I support this request for feature.

Something that will reduce number of plane cards in bottom part of screen is planned. Use feedback website to expedite ideas you like to have implemented.

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I would have submitted my idea at the feedback website. But it is not possible to submit a picture there. I have created a picture to explain my idea.

*) If this is not the right way to do it, please just remove it and please explain how to do it propperly.

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Thanks. Forwarded (they are working on something I havent seen details yet)


Thank you