Please Vote!

Dear players,

I am posting this on all possible WoA places (forum, discord, Facebook groops) because I am here to get votes for a player suggestion.

Look at this video and think about what irritates me?
Well, it are the many many plane cards in the bottom of the screen. I need to scroll way too much through useless ‘ready for departure’ cards.

Why do I have S and M stands full of planes ready to depart? This way, I only get L and XL to land on my aiport, which is a way more efficient way of using the runways.

Possible fixes?:

  1. Be able to shut down certain plane stands or terminals.
  2. Make a filter button which removes the ‘ready for departure’ cards.

I slightly prefer the first one, but I am happy with any sollution for my problem.

Therefore, I would like everybody to vote for this player suggestion (see photo) on the feedback portal:

Developers are ‘wasting’ time to make beautifull stuff while this easy fix is still not in place.

Thanks for voting! Bye!

See facebook post for the video:

Edit: I don’t blame developers, I blame people who vote for the wrong stuff haha

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Hi @UniqueHangman58,

First of all, i understand your post and request.
I have made a simular request (see: Button for hiding planes which are ready for departure)

Second: The words you use here:

… i do not like. The developers are working their ass off for our enjoyment, with hardly any payment for it. (Hooray for the developers).

Third: Please let the developers spend some time on solving some bugs first.

Kind Regard,


@DuneCrawler thx, I agree!

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Well ok I did not mean it like that.
Big applause for developers from my side. I said wasting time on beautifull things because they do make beautifull things.

Priority list for me would be:

  1. Bugs
  2. Quality of life changes like my problem/idea
  3. Making beautifull other stuff (like fore example what they put in under development yesterday: multiple plane sizes per stand. Nice ideaN but nog urgent by any means in my opinion)
    I think they did this in development because it got so many votes.

Therefore, I am trying to get people votes😃

Sorry for if I sounded rude to developers, they are the best. (It’s community that votes retarded)



ok,… I’m against your wishes, I want that the airport feels more right, like a real life airport, just blocking everything what brings les money is not what i wish the developers should do.

I want that not every plane I deleted which is not at a gate when i restart the game.
I want that you can hide planes which don’t need any action of you.
and I want longer gate stands, that big airports doesn’t not feel that empty.