Buying everything in muscat

How many gold planes would I need to fill unlock Muscat cus I have 528 and I’m not sure if thats enough

Buying Premium pass at MCT only requires 60 GPs from what I can recall.

There is not need to buy more money in actual because you can sell what you have in hanger, you can get some free planes to sell from other airports and this is my trick to start an airport quickly. You also don’t have to buy everything at the beginning due to you have to be at a certain level to unlock regional & international arrivals w/o silver planes so you don’t need to have so many L/X stands at the beginning, just buy then as the game progresses.

Yea makes sense but I like to buy all the equipment then all the stands. On top of that I’m playing San until I unlock MCT so I don’t have to spend gold plane to buy it when it can be unlocked

Okay in general that will cost you millions for buying all terminals, stands, and equipments at the very beginning. 1.2M costs you 100 GPs so you may want to prepare 200 for that.