Buying planes for Gold!

Correct me if I am wrong. Isn’t it cheaper to buy a whole bunch of ATR than a big expensive plane to sell for golden planes.

11 ATR would cost 240k W and give me 10 golden planes when sold while 1 B738 for 290k W would only give me 11 gold planes? So I would save 50k W

Mhm, it would be more economical then buying 737s and selling them. But if you make a fleet the 737s would be better to keep then ATRs.

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It would be your strategy, you only need to see the return that a B 737 gives you in relation to ATRs, how many flights would you have to send 1 atr, to compensate for what a boeing 737 or A320 yields?

I am just saying for purchasing gold plans. Real quick turn-around. Buy ATR use it for half a day or so and then dump it before it even returns for the 1 gold plane

Talking about 292K & 11 golden planes, seems it’s B787 not B738 for 96K, isn’t it?

Buying ATR72s & sell it immediately seems to be the most efficient way to get golden planes. (For unlocking new types of aircraft or transfer in-game money from one airport to another)

But I wouldn’t bother to send anywhere ATR72s bought for golden planes, especially if you buy many of them simultaneously, as it will require time for handling, free S stands and sufficient quantity of available destinations to depart many ATR72s at once.

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What happend to the 11th gold plane?

Lol. 11 golden planes. And I meant 787 not 737. Sorry. :man_facepalming:t2:

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It doesn’t matter if you are buying ATRs or BAEs to get golden planes. It is always 22k per golden plane. I recommend to do it with BAEs if you have a lot of money, makes it faster.