Buying x stands to replace l stands

if i buy a X stand to replace a L stand ( same stand number ), can i place either a L or X plane on it, when it is free? or just the X , as i have over-ridden the L option ?

( same issue with S and M stands ).

U can’t have 2 plane types at 1 stand. You can get an X or a L. You have to pay to switch back to other type.

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ta mate, didn’t know if a stand was unoccupied , that i could allocate either a L or X to park there.

Unfortunately no

Stands for multiple plane tiers is under development:

You can vote for it!


:slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

If they can get to that then maybe they can bring the 757 into the game.

Now I approve of that idea :laughing:

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The problem I see here is a bunch of S-planes using L or X stands pretending to be big ones and wasting space for the real big ones. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, it is called the Napoleon Syndrome.

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yeah, but only if the operator assigns them to those stands…

Then we should hope the operators are tall and aware of the syndrome :grin:

same point with replacing all the S stands at INN with M stands, when i buy a M stand to replace the S stand, will it stop and S planes being able to arrive. ?

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A stand/ramp is possible from a multi level building and from ground at the same stand/ramp so why not be able to have all at one?