C130 at which Airport - Stand Size

hi, which airports have the ARRIVAL/DEPARTUES unlocked ( or a least available to buy ), for C130s, and hat size stands do they need ?

where do they park, as of course a Military aircraft isn’t going to park on an airbridge ? - do they park in the cargo areas ?


They are size L and you can buy stands at PRG, IAD and NGO. In PRG I took the stand to the far left of the Cargo stands, in IAD it’s stand X18 (I think) and in NGO stand 601.

Great, many thanks.

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will i still get an ARRIVAL from Little Rock to IAD, even though there is no Departure slot available ?

I think it’s an Air Force facility and you can’t send civil planes to that place.

Yeah sure, but the USAF C130 has shows NOT AVAILABLE in the departure slot from IAD - LITTLE ROCK

Yes, because you can’t send your own planes to that destination. It’s just for military planes.

Departures is the plane you’re sending to that airport. this planes are owned by you.
Arrivals is the plane that airport sending to you. This planes aren’t owned by you.
Departures: your plane to them
Arrivals: their plane to you

aaah, i understand now, thanks