Can I get a reset please at IAD

When opening IAD I can’t do anything. Seems like there is something stuck. Clearing cache & storage and reinstalling didn’t help either. Other airports are working fine. Can devs please reset IAD for me? It helped with a similar problem a while ago. Thx

I think that you can reset it manually. You might lose everything though except for planes… I’m pretty sure you already know this but maybe it’s worth the try?

I’d say it depends in how far you have gone with IAD. I also thought about a restart at one point, but now I find it good how it is. Especially since the update reduced the arriving of M-planes.

I don 't think he is referring to a complete game reset. Look at the picture. It is a user interface problem.


True, I didn’t notice that.

Yes I know but from the looks of it he might as well reset

I need a manual reset of my flights by Devs to continue playing at IAD. But thanks for your advices.

@RudiMentaer75 Do you still have this problem?

Hi, now i have this problem.

is there some way to fix it? Without losing planes and cash.

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