Can’t I put texts on fuselage?

I am a new player of the game, and I must say, after trying many airport related game, this is my favorite one by far, however there are a few things I wish they are working on, first one is, why can’t I put texts like other airline on my own airline jets? Having color patterns is good, but that alone is not enough, we need to be able to put logos, emblems, texts onto the fuselage. Second would be the sound of the planes when taking off, it is not loud enough and there is not enough roaring sound, also there is no sound from the rubber tires touching down when landing.

Lastly, we need more angles on the plane spotting, when following a plane’s movement during take off, it should follow it a bit longer until the plane is actually in the air.
These are a few of things I notice that need improvement, I hope the team is working on things like these.

Currently there are only two aircraft with the text feature, SF34 and C17. Full implementation has been requested for several years now. Go vote for it so it will get picked up sooner. I understand the devs are interested in implementing this, but that custom images are probably not going to happen anytime soon.

Improved sound effects are in scope for the next update.

You can request new camera angles on the idea board linked above, although I would guess it won’t be a high priority for the team, since there are so many requests for new airports and aircraft, not to mention bugs.

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Three actually, comet has it too


It’s four, AN22 has it too.


Ok. Good to know, at least it has been requested. And hopefully we can see it happen soon. One important aspect of plane spotting is that viewing different colors/logo/company name designs on a plane, the layout. So, I can’t wait to see all the jets in my own airline have my username on their fuselage. It will be so cool. Lol.

And Comet :wink: