Can’t purchase premium currency

Trying to purchase golden planes however the game won’t let me all the options are grayed out. I’ve purchased some before so it used to work. I’ve updated my payment info on my device with no avail.

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You should try contacting the devs at Instagram or Facebook.

Hey @Nbuck3985, did you ever get this sorted? Im having the same issue. What with the current sale and all, annoying.

All gp purchases greyed out, but strangely it works for my kids on the family account. And in-app works on other games.

Happy new year,


And it works on my iphone. Strange…

Nope still does not work

Ok thanks

Contacted the devs on Instagram and they asked for my in game name and haven’t heard anything yet.

Hi. Have you had any reply regarding this! I’m having the same issue.

Never got a good answer from the dev team when I contacted them. It was a few months ago but I remember correctly they told me that they were working on the issue and they’ve let me know if they had a solution