Can we still prioritize take off vs landing?


I took a break from the game and just returned to find they basically completely changed the gameplay.

I remember there was a option where you could set the landing and takeoffs to a ratio.

Like for every 3 planes that would land, 1 would take off. You could adjust it for landing and take off. It was a great way to get your airport busy.

Did they take that out? Currently I’m finding my airport really slow and it says there’s like 50+ planes needing to land. My airport would have like 5 planes in the terminals. And like 3 on the way to take off.

Im really hoping they still have the ratio function still. I do use the tower AI people to automate some stuff but it doesn’t really increase landings.

To be honest with the changes they made, I think the previous version was way more engaging than the current version

Nope… You can’t but if you want to your going to have to turn on arrival and departure and turn off one of them constantly, this not recommended on a twin runway airport

I’m on SAN so just one runway.

Was worried they took out that feature. I get they probably wanted realism in some way but this is still a game and I’m sure not many people want to sit for hours getting 50+ planes down.

Oh well I guess :frowning:

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If you activate the tower controllers, you will have a landing and takeoff. I know this because I have always used them and this is the parameter of the tower controllers when you activate them It is a takeoff and a landing, and your airport will be full according to the contracts you have acquired. For my part, I have 400 contracts in San Diego and it is always full.

I noticed that since the update, I was playing SAN with tower manager on and with 16 departures and 50+ arrivals, tower manager was allowing 3-4 take offs before a landing. Took FOREVER to get planes in and I ended up turning it off

Unfortunately, this is now the case at every airport. You don’t notice that at IAD or LHR. But at One-Way or like MCT, where the aircraft take off and land on a runway from the old terminal. I have already reported it. Very annoying.

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This doesn’t happen to me, at my airport it’s a landing and a takeoff, maybe it’s because of the number of contracts I have.