Can we transfer Wollars between airports?

Short Answer is No

Each airport is considered it’s own ecosystem, with aircraft, wollars and routes. As a result it isn’t possible to transfer wollars from one airport to another. The only way to actually do something similar is tricky but possible.

  1. Play the airport, to gain Silver Planes. Once your current airport is running well, these will come more easily than you think. Connections Help! (more in a different FAQ)
  2. You can convert 10,000 Silver Planes to 10 Golden Planes per week and 1,500 Silver planes to 1 golden plane per 24 hours.
  3. Once you have the desired number of Golden planes, make sure your new airport is unlocked, after opening, you can then convert Golden Planes to Wollars and there you go.

Also the first level at an airport usually gives you Wollars to help you get started.

Of course we would be remiss in not saying that buying Golden Planes is the quickest way forward, and provides revenue for the developers to help expand the game.

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