Cannot restore previous game state though Apple Game Centre

I have installed v2.0 as an update via the App Store.

The game is now reset back to ground zero.

Each time I try to link to my Game Centre, (bottom left side of the opening GC account, followed by “An error occurred while linking the account”.

I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling, same result. I will try a restart on the iPad, as a last ditch attempt.

My assumption is that reconnecting to the Apple Game Centre will restore the previous (pre 2.0) state.

This is so frustrating to lose all the investment (time and a little money) to this point. If I cannot relink/restore my previous history, I doubt I will continue.

What did the devs say when you contacted them?

hey same for me I sent a mail a day ago and no response.


  1. Installed the waiting OS update
  2. Restarted the iPad

Came Centre connected and previous game state was restored.