Can't buy large or X slots and general query

Hello guys,

I’m not getting any options to upgrade to L or X slots. I’m on level 7 so far. Landed hundreds of planes already but nothing. Any ideas?

Also, what are the departure slot settings unlocked with the silver keys? I don’t understand that. Once I unlock it, what happens? It’s a bit of a confusing game in regards to that.


First it is necessary to know on which airport you are now.

Innsbruck currently. Do I have to play the entirely of 10 levels to get L etc?

Ignore me, being so stupid here how could I miss the most obvious thing on the main menu lol

Okay, I won’t ignore you, but I think you cleared it by yourself then.

Any other questions… please ask. Lot’s of expertise on the forum.

No L and X stands on INN.

Only 2 L stands on BRI

X and L stands at PRG